Below is a list of Masonic Units that meet at Harlow Masonic Hall.

Name Meeting No. Order
Almaston Lodge 4455 Craft
Barnaby Rudge Lodge 8589 Craft
Bernard Morley Conclave 340 Red Cross
Borrowed Light Lodge 9054 Craft
Borrowed Light Chapter 9054 Royal Arch
Cambridge Heath Chapter 4506 Royal Arch
Deo Confidimus Lodge 6253 Craft
Essex Quadrant Chapter 7143 Royal Arch
Eton Manor Lodge 8438 Craft
Eureka Lodge 8761 Craft
Forest of Waltham Lodge 1444 Mark MM
Harlow Chapter 2734 Royal Arch
Harlowbury Lodge 7795 Craft
High Beech Chapter 7669 Royal Arch
Ilford St. Mary Chapter 743 Rose Croix
Ixion Lodge 2501 Craft
Ixion Chapter 2501 Royal Arch
Monkhams Lodge 4161 Craft
Monkhams Chapter 4161 Royal Arch
Netteswell Cross Lodge 9280 Craft
Old Church Lodge 7070 Craft
Ongar Lodge 4785 Craft
Parndon Magna Lodge 8805 Craft
Potter Clay Lodge 1399 Mark MM
Potter Street Council 182 Allied
Renaissance College 40 SRIA
Richard Clowes Lodge 2936 Craft
Richard De Lucy Chapel 28 St. Thomas of Acon
Sir Peter De Tany Preceptory 442 Temple & Hospital
Stansted Mountfitchet Lodge 6230 Craft
Stansted Mountfitchet Chapter 6230 Royal Arch
St. Hugh Chapter 723 Rose Croix
St. Mary Magdalene Tabernacle 90 Knight Templars
Stondon Massey Lodge 7881 Craft
Thomas Howard Council 158 Royal & Select
Tutela Lodge 6559 Craft
West Essex Lodge 2561 Craft